Alert Banner

Applies to: all CALS sites running the current CALS theme

Description: a black box with white text that appears above the site menu.  A blue button linking to an informational page or post.  The box contains prefilled text about the UW’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Site administrators can also add information below the prefilled text.

Alert Banner with COVID-19 Text
Alert banner showing COVID-19 text.

Limits: Only site administrators can modify the alert banner.

How to Manage the Alert Banner

  1. Login to the site.
  2. From the WordPress Dashboard menu, choose Appearance..Customize.  The Customizer appears.
  3. On the left menu of the Customizer, locate and click Alerts.  The alert block opens:
Alert Block in Customizer - Empty
Alert Block in Customizer – Empty

NOTE: You cannot edit the prefilled text COVID-19 text, and the text does not appear in the alert block at the left.

OptionWhat It Does
Alert DisabledTurns off the alert banner.
Additional Alert MessageAdds text below the stock COVID-19 message.  Suggested wording:
“During this time, please contact us at [insert e-mail or phone number].”
Pin Alert to the top of the screenFreezes the alert at the top of the screen. When site visitors scroll the page, they can still see the alert.
Turn off User DismissableDisables the X in the upper right corner so site visitors can’t turn off the banner.

Edit the text as desired.

Click Publish.

Click the X at the top left of the Customizer menu to return to the WordPress Admin Dashboard.