Adding Users to Your Website

Before You Begin

  • You must be an Administrator on the website.
  • The user must have a UW-Madison NetID.
  • Ask the user:
    • For their NetID and UW-Madison email address.

Determine the User Roles:

  • Determine if you will add the user with the Editor role, or the Administrator role.
  • We recommend that new users be given the Editor role if the just need to create/edit/delete page or post content. If the user finds that they cannot perform the tasks they need, then you can raise their user role to Administrator.
  • The Administrator role is very powerful, and one can accidentally wreck the site design and menu.
    • This role should not be given to students who are not supervised by an experienced staff member.
  • Review the following page for additional details about WordPress User Roles.

Important Note:  The Russell Labs service agreement prohibits students (undergrad and grad) from holding Administrator roles.

Steps to Add a User to Your Site by NetID

Check if Access Already Exists

1.  Login into your website.

2.  From the WordPress Admin Dashboard menu at the left, choose Users.  The users screen appears.  This screen lists all users on the website, and the role.

3.  Quickly scan the list of users to make sure that the user does not already have an account on the site.

Add the User by NetID

1.  From the WordPress Admin Dashboard menu, click Add by Net ID.

2.  The Add User by NetID screen will appear. Enter the user’s NetID in the NetID form field.

3. Select a User Role from the User role drop-down list. (See more about User Roles above).

4.  Click Add User, and you’re done. The window will reload, and the user should now be added to your site.

5. To verify the user was added successfully, click on All Users from the Admin menu to view the site list of users, along with their access role.

6. Finally, you can email the person you added to the site, and instruct them to navigate to your website, click the “login” link at the bottom of the page, and login with their UW NetID.


Should you need to add non-UW-Madison people who do not have a NetID, in some cases, we can help you get them a UW NetID. Please email us at

If you’re having any difficulties adding a user, please email us at