D. Adding a New Page to the Main Menu

NOTE 1:  Only site administrators can edit the site main menu.

NOTE 2:  Use caution when editing the site menu – there is no backup for it.

NOTE 3: If your existing site menu is long and you have to scroll to reach the bottom, consider contacting CALS Web Services for help – email websupport@cals.wisc.edu.

  1. On the WordPress Admin Dashboard, click Appearance..Menus.
  2. The Edit Menus screen appears.
  3. If your site has only one menu, the name of the menu appears in the menu name box.  If your site has two or more menus, next to Select a menu to edit, click the down arrow and choose the entry with (Primary Menu) after the menu name and click Select.
    Select a Menu to Edit
    NOTE:  Some sites may have multiple legacy menus.  Email websupport@cals.wisc.edu for assistance.
  4. The screen is divided into left and right columns.  The left column contains blocks with items you can add to the menus, e.g. Pages, Posts, Custom Links, and Categories. The right column, Menu Structure, contains blocks that represent the parent and child menu entries on the menu; the indented “child” entries appear underneath the parent item on the menu:
    Menu Editing - Two Column
    This is what the menu structure shown above looks like on the completed website:

    Menu Structure

    Notice how the indented entries in the Menu Structure correspond to the child entries on the menu drop-down.

  5. In the left column in the Page box, click the checkbox next to the page you want to add to the menu (“Welcome” in the illustration below):
  6. Click Add to Menu.  A new block labeled Welcome appears in the right column below Menu Structure:

    You can change the order of the menu entries by dragging and dropping the blocks under Menu Structure.  Drag and drop the blocks left or right to make them parent or child menu entries. Note: this can be a little tricky.
  7. Click Save Menu.