E. How to Proof Your Work

No matter which editing tool you use to build and maintain your page:

  • built-in WordPress editor
  • Advanced Content Editor (only available with A UW Madison Theme)

…you will want to proof your page on the front end.

There are a huge number of variables in the tools people use to display the webpages – they include:

  • different web browsers
  • different versions of web browsers
  • different display devices with varying sizes
  • different operating systems for the devices

The moral of the story: what you see in the back end is NOT necessarily what the visitor will see, or even what *you* will see on the front end.  Proof your work.

If your content audience uses mobile devices, you can simulate mobile device displays.  Go to Responsinator.com and type or paste the page URL in the “Enter your site” box in the upper left of the page, then click Go.  The screen refreshes to show a simulation of your page on the different mobile devices (scroll down the screen to see the different devices).  You can also try the site menu to navigate within the device simulation.

How to Proof the Page or Post on the Front End

Preview Changes Before Saving

  1. Edit the page or post.
  2. In the upper right corner, in the Publish block, locate and click the Preview Changes button.  The page or post opens in a new tab, showing the changes.

View Changes After Saving

  1. Edit the page or post.
  2. On the black horizontal toolbar menu at the top, locate and right-click View Page.  From the popup menu, choose Open link in new tab.*  The Page or Post opens in a new tab, showing the saved changes.

* the actual wording on the popup may differ based on the browser you’re using