What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that your website runs on.  It gives you a graphical user interface to manage the content and settings of your website.

An interface like this offers many advantages over manually creating a website with traditional website tool.

Easy Publishing

You won’t have to know HTML or CSS to publish content. The authoring tools available are as simple as basic word processor.  And advanced authoring tools are built in to offer more control when you need it.

Multiple Users/Authors

Your WordPress site can allow you to give access to multiple people so that you don’t have to manage things alone.  At the same time you can control the access level of each individual to make sure things are secure and content is only published when you want it to be.  WordPress will store each change a user makes so that you can always see the history of your content and see who changed it and when.

Future Proof Content

Since WordPress stores all of your content in a database it is separated from the actual visual design.  This means that when it comes time to update your website with changes to branding, accessibility, SEO, or just an aesthetic update you won’t have to re write or re publish your content reducing duplication of work.