Free Images – Plugin

Have you ever spent time searching for a free, non-copyrighted image to use on your website?

The plugin can help you by providing free images and inserting them into your Media Library.

The Plugin

Contact Web Services to have them enable the plugin on your site.

To Use the Plugin

  1. Login to your site.
  2. On the WordPress Admin Dashboard, locate and click Media.  The Media Library block opens.
  3. Click Pexels Photos.  The Pexels screen opens, with the cursor blinking in the search box.
  4. Type search terms, and click Search.
  5. Move the cursor over the image. The dimensions of the image appear.
  6. Click the image ONCE to add it to the Media Library.  The WordPress image details screen appears.  Click the X in the upper right corner to close it.

Once the image is in the Media Library, you can use the Add Media button to add the image to a page or post.

A Word About Image Dimensions and Download Times

Any image larger than 1500px wide is going to slow down the time it takes the page or post to display, particularly over wireless connections.

If you go directly to, you can search for images, click them, and choose a smaller download size, or even enter a custom size.