How to Add a Background Image to an Individual Page

You can add a watermark image to act as a background to an individual Page.  A watermark image is an image set to display very, very bright so little detail appears, the image is more of a texture.  The image appears behind the other content on the Page, and stays in a fixed position when you scroll the Page.  Example:

Add the Image

  1. Edit the Page.
  2. Locate the Page Attribute block (usually on the right side of the screen, but may be at the bottom if you have set the screen options to one column instead of two).
  3. In the Watermark Background Image section, click Add Image.  The Select Image screen appears.
  4. If desired, click the Upload Files tab and upload the image.  Otherwise, on the Media Library tab, click the image icon to select it, and click the blue Select button.
  5. The Select Image screen closes and a thumbnail of the image now appears in the Watermark Background Image section.

Change the Image

  1. Hover your cursor over the watermark image thumbnail.  In the upper right corner of the thumbnail, a pencil icon and an “X” icon appear.  Click the X icon.
  2. An Edit Image screen appears.
  3. The screen changes to show “No image selected.”
  4. Click Add Image and add another image.