How to Create a Remote WP Content Slide

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These instructions are a continuation of the page linked above.

  1. In Content Source, choose Remote WP Content.
  2. In Remote URL, type or paste in the URL of the site homepage you want to get the remote content from.
  3. Example:
    Note:  this feature works best when you use CALS-hosted websites in the Remote URL.
  4. In Remote Fallback Image, click Add Image, and follow the screens to choose an image, or upload one.
  5. Remote Content Offset – enter 0 to display the most recent post from the remote site.  If you want to reset that to an earlier post, enter a number in this field.
  6. In Remote Category ID, if desired, enter a category number to filter the post by.
  7. Categories for the site:
  • Departments – 4
  • Facilities – 163
  • Faculty – 169
  • Priority Themes – 15
  • Students – 158
  • Uncategorized – 1
  1. If desired, in Hero Image Vertical Alignment, set the vertical alignment to Top, Centered, or Bottom.
  2. In Disable Image Filter, if desired, click Yes.
  3. In Disable Blur Filter, if desired, click Yes.
  4. In Content Permissions, if desired, choose a user role.  If desired, enter an error message in the Custom Error Message box to display when users who do not have a high enough role try to view the content.
  5. Click Publish.