How to Create a Slide that Displays the Latest Posts

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These instructions are a continuation of the page linked above.


  • You must have at least one post on the site.
  • You should create at least one category to group the posts, otherwise when you choose the Post Categories to Show, you will only see Uncategorized listed.
  1. In Content Source, choose Latest Posts.
  2. In Post Categories to Show, click one or more of the categories.
  3. In Post Offset, enter how many posts you want displayed. The order is reversed published date order, so entering 3 will display the last 3 posts based on the post’s published date.
  4. If desired, in Hero Image Vertical Alignment, set the vertical alignment to Top, Centered, or Bottom.
  5. In Disable Image Filter, if desired, click Yes.
  6. In Disable Blur Filter, if desired, click Yes.
  7. In Content Permissions, if desired, choose a user role.  If desired, enter an error message in the Custom Error Message box to display when users who do not have a high enough role try to view the content.
  8. Click Publish.