How to Crop a Photo Inside WordPress

Note: cropping is best done outside WordPress with a photo editing tool like Photoshop.  The cropping tool in WordPress is very basic.

  1. Edit the page or post.
  2. Click the image you want to crop.  An edit toolbar appears:
    Crop an Image
  3. Click the pencil icon.  The Image Details screen appears:
    Image Details Screen 1
  4. Click Edit Original:
    Image Details Screen Edit Original
    The Edit Image screen appears:

    Edit Image with Bounding Box

    The photo has a bounding box around it.  Click in the upper left of the photo, just inside the bounding box, and press down the left mouse button and drag down to the lower right, still inside the bounding box.  This creates a cropping box, with a border that looks like marching ants.  The area outside the cropping box, but still within the bounding box, is shaded gray to show what will be copped out of the image:

    Edit Image Screen 2

    Once you’ve finished drawing the cropping box, you can:
    Reposition the Cropping Box:
    o Position the cursor in the white area.
    o The cursor changes to a four-point move pointer.
    o Click and drag to reposition the cropping box.

    Move Pointer
    Before Reposition
    Move Pointer - After
    After Reposition

    Resize the Cropping Borders
    o Position the cursor over one of the 8 boxes around the edges to see the double-headed resize cursor:
    Double Headed Resize Arrow
    o Click and drag vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to resize the cropping borders.

    When you are satisfied with the cropping box, click the Crop icon above the image:
    Crop Icon

  1. Click Cancel to re-crop again, or Save to finalize the crop.  The Edit Image screen closes, and the Image Detail screen appears.
  2. Click Update to return to editing the page.