WordPress Themes available on CALS Webhosting

We offer several WordPress theme options that are developed in-house at UW-Madison to provide your site with a design that is mobile friendly, accessible, performant.

CALS Version 4

The CALS WordPress theme (CALSv4) is our default and recommended theme. It is available for use by all websites on our CALS WordPress platform. Contact us if you would like to update your site to the CALS v4 theme.

Design and built from the ground up, our newest CALS v4 theme leverages the WordPress Block Editor for building your pages. This allows for an enhanced editing experience, and has the power to create much more visually appealing pages.

View our Kitchen Sink Examples page of some of the different design elements that you can use with the new WordPress Block Editor by leveraging blocks and patterns available within our newest theme.

CALS Version 3

The CALS WordPress theme originally released in 2015. No new development is taking place for this theme, and is only being supported with maintenance updates.

UW Theme

The UW Theme is a free WordPress theme available to anyone that has a wisc.edu website