Why Read the Documentation?

WordPress is the same installation to installation, right?

No, it’s not.

One of the great strengths of WordPress is that it’s highly customizeable.  But that also means that if you use WordPress on a site at home, or for a private company, or even elsewhere on campus outside CALS, it’s not going to look or function quite the same as it does here at CALS.  Even the Lynda.com and DoIT classes will not completely prepare you for WordPress at CALS.  For example, CALS has its own powerful advanced content editor. So while prior experience in WordPress will get you started, you can run into a wall because of the differences in WordPress installations.  Save yourself some time and headaches and take a look at the documentation below.

Getting Started

Editing Content

Organizing Content

Customizing Site Settings

Adding Additional Features

Note: all the features listed below require the current CALS theme, A UW Madison Theme.