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Getting StartedLog In
Getting StartedPage - Create New (Classic Editor)
Getting StartedPage - Update (Classic Editor)
Getting StartedPage - Add to Menu
Getting StartedPlanning Your Site
Getting StartedProofing Your Work
Getting StartedTerminology
Editing ContentAudio - Inserting or Embedding
Editing ContentBackups - Autosave and Reverting to Prior Versions
Editing ContentBroken Links - Checking For
Editing ContentChanges Not Showing
Editing ContentUndo Changes - see Backups
Editing ContentImages - Cropping in WordPress
Editing ContentImages - Free Images - Pexels.com Plugin
Editing ContentImages - Galleries
Editing ContentImages - Inserting
Editing ContentLinks - Basics
Editing ContentLinks - Broken - Checking For see Broken Links - Checking For and Fixing
Editing ContentLinks - Link to Files Stored on Your Site
Editing ContentLinks - Update Existing
Editing ContentLinks - Link to File Stored on Box
Editing ContentText - Editing Text and Pasting from Microsoft Word (Classic Editor)
Editing ContentVideo - Inserting or Embedding
Organizing ContentMedia Library
Customize Site SettingsCustomize - CALS Theme
Customize Site SettingsMenu - Main - Editing
Adding Additional FeaturesAccordian Feature (Collapse/Expand blocks of content)
Adding Additional FeaturesAdvanced Content Editor (ACE) - Overview
Adding Additional FeaturesAdvanced Content Editor (ACE) - Example
Adding Additional FeaturesPage Builder - Visual - see Advanced Content Editor (ACE)
Adding Additional FeaturesVisual Page Builder - see Advanced Content Editor (ACE)
Adding Additional FeaturesAlert Banner - Used to Display COVID-19 Info
Adding Additional FeaturesImages - Background
Adding Additional FeaturesImages - Watermark - see Images - Background
Adding Additional FeaturesWatermark - see Images - Background
Adding Additional FeaturesDirectory
Adding Additional FeaturesPeople Pages - see Directory
Adding Additional FeaturesList of People - see Directory
Adding Additional FeaturesForms
Adding Additional FeaturesMenu - Sidebar
Adding Additional FeaturesSlideshow - Homepage
Adding Additional FeaturesSlideshow - Homepage - Choosing Images
Adding Additional FeaturesImages - Slider - Homepage - see Slideshow - Homepage
Best PracticesBest Practices
Managing Your SiteUser Accounts
Managing Your SiteAdd New Users - see User Accounts
TroubleshootingMenu - Where Did It Go?
TroubleshootingChanges Not Showing
TroubleshootingProblems Pasting from Microsoft Word - see Text - Editing Text